Friday, May 16, 2014

Review Time

Ciao Adventurers!
I know, I know - this has got to be a surprise to see a blog post from me after so long!
Anyway, I just wanted to put up a quick post for my readers - wherever and whoever you are!

A few weeks ago I went down for a visit to the college I will be attending this fall. There is a wonderfully amazing mall near by that is MUCH bigger than any in shopping center in my area! In fact there is a big regular mall and an outlet shopping center right near by. I went into Sephora while I was there and picked up a new BB cream.

It is the Boscia BB Cream in the color light and I am in LOVE!


Whether applied with with a beauty blender sponge or a duo fiber brush, the appearance of this cream is flawless. It has a light to medium coverage. I have pale skin and plenty of freckles, especially in the summertime, and while it gives a smooth and glowing appearance my freckles are still able to peak through. It truly is a one step wonder and on any day it probably wouldn't be necessary for any concealer, although my suggestion would be the hourglass hidden concealer if you want a little extra coverage. 

This cream does not match my skin tone perfectly but with a little blending down my neck and a pop of bronzer I'm good to go on any day I wear this product. If you're looking for a new tinted moisturizer or BB cream, look no further. 

I hope this post was helpful to all you adventurers out there! Comment down below with any requests or questions. Until next time, keep on loving life!
xo, E