Monday, November 3, 2014

A Blog Adventure Reincarnate

"Life is full of surprises, one of which being this happy little blog. I'm 17 and, as my 'about me' will say, I'm a first time blogger and a full time lover of life! There is beauty in the world all around us, that is what this blog is about. Living in rural America there is no shortage of nature, and plenty of love for it as well. Growing up for me has always been about pursuing the things I love. There are many things I love in my life, from makeup to music to friends, nature, and travel. Naturally, my next thought was, "Why not share my life with the rest of the world?!" If you're interested, I would love for you to follow me throughout my life journey (I know, I know it sounds cheesey). I can't make any promises about what I'm going to write, but I hope it will be good and that you will enjoy it!"

I wrote that on March 7, 2013. It was a great day- a snow day. I distinctly remember sitting on my bed that morning eagerly typing the words and not believing that I was actually starting a blog, something I had been thinking about for months. This was written almost two years ago and I've got to be honest things really have changed since then. Now I'm going on 19, living at college and thinking I want to start sharing things on this blog again. I'm not saying that everything has changed, at all. Of course I'm still the same person, belong to the same family, have the some of the same friends from home (although I've gotten more at college), and most importantly I still believe everything I wrote two years ago in that first blog post. 

I decided at the time that I wanted to focus the blog on one specific thing, which became beauty. But what I found was that while I love watching makeup videos and reading blogs, I'm not creative enough with makeup, don't wear enough makeup, and don't know nearly enough about it to dedicate a whole blog to it. 

So in comes current Emily - older and wiser as they say. Quote from past Emily "There is beauty in the world all around us, that is what this blog is about. ... There are many things I love in life, from makeup to music to friends, nature, and travel." That was me two years ago and that's still me now. I'm not going to try and make this blog something it's not or me into something I'm not. I'm going to write what I feel, write what I love and hopefully in the process I'll love what I write on this "happy little blog". And that's just that. 

Love to you always adventurers. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Review Time

Ciao Adventurers!
I know, I know - this has got to be a surprise to see a blog post from me after so long!
Anyway, I just wanted to put up a quick post for my readers - wherever and whoever you are!

A few weeks ago I went down for a visit to the college I will be attending this fall. There is a wonderfully amazing mall near by that is MUCH bigger than any in shopping center in my area! In fact there is a big regular mall and an outlet shopping center right near by. I went into Sephora while I was there and picked up a new BB cream.

It is the Boscia BB Cream in the color light and I am in LOVE!


Whether applied with with a beauty blender sponge or a duo fiber brush, the appearance of this cream is flawless. It has a light to medium coverage. I have pale skin and plenty of freckles, especially in the summertime, and while it gives a smooth and glowing appearance my freckles are still able to peak through. It truly is a one step wonder and on any day it probably wouldn't be necessary for any concealer, although my suggestion would be the hourglass hidden concealer if you want a little extra coverage. 

This cream does not match my skin tone perfectly but with a little blending down my neck and a pop of bronzer I'm good to go on any day I wear this product. If you're looking for a new tinted moisturizer or BB cream, look no further. 

I hope this post was helpful to all you adventurers out there! Comment down below with any requests or questions. Until next time, keep on loving life!
xo, E

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review Time

Ciao Adventurers!
Welcome back for another review! I know, you must be shocked to be hearing from me twice in one week! I am still apologizing for being gone for so long but I find the best apology is action, so here I am, acting on blogging more!
For my review this week I decided to introduce you to one of my new favorite youtubers: leaf (Living Eating And Fashion).

As previously mentioned the channel features videos about living, eating and fashion. The videos are all under three minutes at the most, although the majority is under two.  As much as I hate to admit it, okay I don’t really hate it (the videos are great!), the night I discovered their channel I stayed up until 2 a.m. watching video after video (oops!).

The photo pictured above is of their tutorial for iced chai, which as you all now is my not so secret addiction! I haven’t tried it yet but I cannot wait to do so! I think the best part of the videos is that they are short and sweet and all of the tutorials are very easy to follow, with great results! I tried the tutorial for ombre cupcakes.

To make these cupcakes I used a boxed cupcake mix and two jars of frosting that I separated into four bowls, using food dye to make four different variations of color from dark to light. I also bought piping bags to make it easier to do the coloring. To use the piping bags I would suggest holding the bag higher up and hold the tip farther away from the cupcake so that the swirls come out more evenly. When I make these again I think I might try making homemade frosting or cupcakes (or both!). 

So adventurers, let me know if you check out leaf or try any of their tutorials!
Until next time have a week filled with adventure and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Manicure Monday

Ciao Adventurers! I realize this post is a day late in regard to the title. But I am going to get back into the swing of things with a new schedule that I have created for posting! First on this list is 'Manicure Monday'. So here we go!

Lately I have been LOVING the Essie nail polish 'Sunday Funday'.

It is such a fun summer color and perfect as summer slips through our fingers. The color is a bright coral pink with a touch of shimmer. When the light hits your nails just right the shimmer really makes them pop!

 I find that the routine I follow for painting my nails makes the polish last for at least a week, granted I do not pick at my nail polish (fingers crossed!). I start off by filing my nails into my desired shape and length. I then apply a base coat, usually Essie Grow Stronger. I then apply two coats of color, although in a quick fix I think that this particular color would be bright and pigmented enough with just one coat. For the final step I apply a top coat, my favorite is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. And voila! You have beautifully painted nails.

So there you have it. My favorite nail polish at the moment. Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog post that was meant for Monday but went live on Tuesday! Subscribe for more and leave any requests or comments below! Until next time adventurers, keep on exploring!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome Back!

Ciao Adventurers! After a two month hiatus, I am back and better than ever! I am ready to blog to my heart's content this summer with the craziness of junior year almost over! In this heat it is nearly impossible to stay cool. The way I have been reversing the effects of the high temperatures: iced chai lattes. I love them. It is the perfect mixture caffeine and sweetness! Add to that the satisfying ice, there is literally nothing that could make it a better drink for me. I do not generally drink coffee, so this is my substitute. I devour them hot in the winter and cannot drink them fast enough in the summer when iced. Here is my suggestion: next time you are dying for something to cool you off in the 90 degree weather, hit up your favorite coffee shop for an iced chai. I guarantee that is what I will be doing in the coming weeks! If you go try out an iced chai, comment below and let me know what you think!

Until next time Adventurers, may your days be filled with friends, family, and a LOT of air conditioning!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Favorite Youtubers

Ciao Adventurers!
If you all enjoy reading my blog then  I thought you might like to know about a few of my favorite Youtubers! Youtube has been my guide in my makeup 'career' and I have come to look forward to the videos my favorites put out. For those of you that love Youtube or have never checked out beauty videos before, keep on reading!

Number 1) Fleur de Force

Fleur is a Youtuber from the United Kingdom. She does videos that range from makeup tutorials, fashion, and reviews of products. I trust her opinion a lot and so do her 581,896 other subscribers! Some of my favorite videos of hers are her gift guides. I also love to watch her vlog channel where every other month she does a vlog each day, they are especially great when she is traveling and her viewers can see different parts of the world. For any young woman who is newly engaged, Fleur's bridal channel (run jointly with her sister) is full of great ideas! Her upbeat personality and helpful tips can brighten anyone's day!
Main Channel:
One of my favorite videos:
Vlog Channel:
Bridal Channel:

Number 2) Miss Glamorazzi 

Ingrid is another young Youtuber, although she is from California. I also lover her reviews and tutorials, but especially her fashion videos! I think that Ingrid has a great perspective on makeup and I think that she can make a girl feel confident and like she can take on the world! (Personally, I always see that as a good thing!) I really love her outfit idea videos. I highly suggest Ingrid's channel because of her upbeat personality, style, and love of life!
Main Channel:
One of my favorite videos:
Vlog Channel:

Number 3) Tanya Burr

Another one of my favorite Youtubers is named Tanya Burr (also from the United Kingdom). Her makeup tutorials and suggestions are always especially reliable because she is a makeup artist! Her tutorials are always great and she uses makeup to really accentuate and highlight her best features. It does not come as a surprise that she has great style as well. My favorite part about Tanya is that she always is so excited about whatever she is talking about, and the happiness just leaps through the camera and onto your computer screen!
Main Channel:
One of my favorite videos:
Vlog Channel:

Number 4) Aleexandraaxo

Alex (aleexandraaxo on Youtube) is probably the Youtuber I can relate to the most. She is one of the youngest girls I follow and (I believe) she is only two years older than me. Since we are closer in age I feel like she makes tutorials and fashion videos that I can employ most easily in my life. I especially like her 'outfits of the week' videos. I also really enjoy her styling videos. I love how Alex is not afraid to be goofy and serious and zealous about her videos at the same time. 
One of my favorite videos:

Number 5) Sprinkle of Glitter

Louise is by far the most cheerful Youtuber on this list. In addition to the usual fashion, makeup, and reviews, Louise makes videos with her adorable daughter. Even though she makes makeup videos in general, I always find myself laughing out loud - at least once - during each video. I especially love Louise's haul videos and when she does collaboration videos they are especially witty and hilarious. Check out Louise's channel if you like the sounds of it!
Main Channel:
One of my favorite videos:
Vlog Channel:

I hope you all liked this little review of my favorite Youtube 'gurus' and that you might see if you like them as well! There are, of course, many Youtubers not mentioned in this blog (for example, I am also a big fan of all of Nikki Phillippi's channels [] and Talk Becky Talk []) If you do pop over to any of their channels please mention that Emily from Adventure's of a Small Town Girl sent you over! 

Comment your thoughts below and leave any suggestions you have for future posts! Subscribe to my blog to read more from me!

Until next time my little darlings, keep on exploring!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Revlon Red

Ciao Adventurers!
Today I went back in school after a surprise long weekend and my life is picking back up again! Have you tried out any of my suggestions in my 'Weekly Review'? I for one am very excited for this weekend since I will be in New York City! For a Monday post I thought I would review a great, but affordable nail polish! Today's review is of Revlon Red (number 680).

Since this is a red nail polish I first applied a base coat. My nails are quite testy and like to stain easily so a base coat is important when applying reds, dark blues, dark purples, etc. I also have nails that are prone to breaking quickly, don't they sound quite lovely? I am making them sound much harder to live with than they are! To help with both of these problems I used the Essie grow stronger nail polish. This is great even just as a plain nail polish if you need to strengthen your nails a little bit or if you want a pale pink polish.

After applying the base coat I applied two coats of the Revlon nail polish. I found it was best to get a little bit of nail polish on the brush and then start in the middle of the nail. From there I thought it worked well to place the tip of the brush at the cuticle and slowly paint towards the top of the nail. I like to classify my self as a hard-core right-y with a left hand that has a mind of its own. So I was thrilled that this technique worked very well when applying the polish with my left hand!

I also think that a top coat is important if I want my nail polish to last almost a full week (when I've done it on my own). I am a fan of all Sally Hansen top coats. The 'Insta-Dry' version is great for the girls who, like me, are impatient waiting for their nails to dry! (Fun Fact- When doing your nails at home if you place them in sunlight they will drive faster!) With the base coat, two coats of polish, and the top coat I find this is a great nail polish! I have had this nail polish for quite some time and love the color pay off. It is not too bright or too dark but just the right combination. I also like that it is not really orange-y or pink-y. I am very pale, with freckles, and auburn hair so I tend to shy away from the orange family with makeup, nail polish, and clothes. (Ironically, I love my red Urban Outfitters skirt, red Toms, and my Revlon Red nail polish! I still do not like red tops for me though.)

So what do you all think of Revlon Red? Do you think you will try it out? Comment below with your thoughts!

Please leave suggestions for any posts you would like to see and please follow if you like my blog!

Until next time, I wish you all a week filled with adventure!